Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why You Need Fun

Office work, let's face it, can somedays be trying. Rapidly approaching deadlines, an inbox filled with requests, administrators and managers who misunderstand your placement in the company, positions that need filled, desk supply shortages. It is important now and then to find a way to squeeze some fun into your hectic schedule.

Studies indicate and experts agree that fun breaks can actually boost employees' productivity by relieving stress and stimulating the brain. These can be games or short videos or quick exercise routines on the stairs or in your office. Otherwise, employees feel like they're simply going round and round and gaining nothing, as in the following example:

An example of fun – YouTube videos.

Fun can also be a great way to brand your company, letting prospective candidates know that you value a healthy work/life balance and that you're an employer who is pleasant to work for – as well as one with an eye on success. Branding strategies that are compelling and entertaining hold the attention of your target market and leave your audience with a pleasurable impression of you as an employer of choice.

With just a little investment of time, energy, and initiative, your standing online and in the general job search market can rise exponentially. Perhaps your greatest asset in the recruiting and retention end of business is your company's reputation. Turning current and prospective employees frowns upside down is the most essential step along that path.

To that end, consider advergaming as a highly effective tool in burnishing your reputation and spreading the word that you're an employer who "gets it." A targeted game, using your branded colors and associated with your organization's goals and market placement, can deliver serious market penetration when it comes to name recognition.

The fun and timely advergame below was a little something we cooked up for our clients and for everyone associated with making The David Group an effective leader in recruitment advertising. Isn't it time you started thinking about where fun fits into your branding toolbox? We can help you find the answer.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there – and enjoy the GAME.

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