Monday, December 29, 2008

Social Networking

MySpace. Facebook. LinkedIn. It seems everyone either belongs to one or more of these social networking sites or knows someone who does – and that's just three of the biggest names out there accounting for an audience share of over 400 million readers.

The list of social networking sites goes on and on and on, and new sites with new readers keep popping up every day. The advertising possibilities of so many viewers can be a bit daunting (how do you choose the right site to target who you're looking for?) but can also be completely overlooked.

As younger generations grow into working age, they bring with them their online habits, networks, friendships, and mindsets. Today, you might not need to know everything there is to know about these social networking hubs, but what about tomorrow?

To find out more about what social networking can mean for your organization, the benefits and the pitfalls, you need someone who can guide you. You need someone like The David Group.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Analytics Gets Own Tutorial Page

Google Analytics is a great tool to have in your job marketing skills. There are few online applications out there that are better at slicing and dicing the data that is compiled about visitors to your company's website.

The only problem?

Analytics is updated with new features and tweaks so frequently it's hard to keep up with the latest developments. While there are many books on the subject, the speed of online updates means you'll have to move almost as fast as Google if you want to keep up with their newest offering. Thick volumes about CD or DVD based software packages, like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite, are immensely helpful because the software is only seriously updated every few years, the online world is an ever-changing one.

Two incredibly helpful resources can make your life easier. As always, blogs – like this one ;) – are your best resource. With the instant response times of online published material and the hive-mind power the internet has harnessed, bloggers will keep you up to date on every new twist and wrinkle.

One of your best starts is, of course, the Google Analytics Blog itself. Tapping the source should almost always be step number one. To make that power even easier to undestand and harness, Google's done one better by creating their own dedicated YouTube channel stocked with videos showing you how to get started and how to begin putting Analytics to work for you.

The future is online. You just have to find it.

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