Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"But Why?" and Other Questions

The number one question you will hear from clients about social networking and social media is "But why should we get involved in this? What's in it for us?"

Okay, so maybe that's two questions.

In fact, you'll probably get a lot of questions about why you should be involved in online social sites: What are the advantages? Can we make money off of doing this? What do we need to worry about? How do I use Twitter? What if someone starts following my updates but I'm not sure about that person's reputation?

There are any number of things to keep in mind with social sites and how an organization interacts with them. But the number one question of why you should be involved boils down to this: If you aren't out there making your organization's name shine on social media sites, maybe someone else is out there doing just the opposite.

Social sites like Facebook and Twitter are here to stay. Maybe not exactly those portals, but in some fashion, social networking online is here, it's staying here, and it's growing. The costs of getting involved now are minimal, while the drawbacks of not getting involved now are huge. Playing catch up when everyone else is already miles ahead is no fun. Playing catch up when everyone else is miles ahead and someone is out there talking trash about your organization is even less fun. A good reputation, once lost, can be a hard thing to regain.

Get started now while the game is still young. Get started now and see what social networking can do for you. The David Group can guide you through the ups, the downs, the pitfalls, and yes, the ways that social sites can be profitable for your company. We're there, we're engaged, we're socializing. Why not join us?

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