Friday, January 23, 2009

Interesting Development

Everyone knows you can get tons of free content online.

I'm not talking about the illegal downloading of stuff either, which is its own separate issue.

I'm talking popular shows streamed from major network sites like NBC hosting episodes of 30 Rock or CNN streaming the Inauguration in partnership with Facebook. Clips from popular shows like The Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons and others are available on, while nearly anything you are searching for can be found on YouTube or metacafe. Many companies fail to recognize how this sort of free advertising can lead to increased sales and greater name recognition, and some organizations have gone so far as to pull videos others have posted, rather than take advantage of the business opportunities presented to them.

In an interesting turn of events, the classic British comedy group Monty Python took matters into their own hands. First they set up their own channel, essentially a page maintained by YouTube but with content controls for the members of Monty Python. For every unauthorized posting of a snippet or sketch from their show that someone else had posted, they uploaded their own high-quality version. They added new content including familiar television personalities talking about when they first became fans of the group, members discussing writing or acting or anything really, and other items.

And then they linked to their material for sale on Amazon.

And you know what?

Despite having tons of free content available online, within days of setting up their own channel, the guys from Monty Python saw their DVD sales on Amazon rise to the number two spot with an amazing 23,000% increase in sales.

Now, how does this relate to advertising and specifically to recruitment advertising?


With a creative approach to marketing yourself and your organization and by taking advantage of the free distribution of content, you can set up your own YouTube channel and begin spreading the word. You can post videos of hiring event games or clips of employees telling the world what a fun place to work you are. You can show that your hospital is inviting and pleasant, cutting-edge and compassionate. You can illustrate the kind of high-tech manufacturing environment you're seeking to staff. You can highlight your latest retail location.

Too many companies are just names and addresses to potential job seekers. Why not put a face with that name and show the world you're an organization worth working for?

This panel of experts agrees.

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