Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year Resume Mining

The start of the New Year is typically the beginning of one of the more active times in the recruitment and hiring world, though the current economic situation suggests that fewer positions will be filled this year than usual.

However, human resources and other hiring managers can expect a glut of applications and resumes for the limited positions that they post. Our own Freelance Copywriter position has netted us no fewer than one hundred resumes with a swelling number of attendant follow ups. That's one position at one company. Imagine what happens when you have four positions to fill...

With so many people looking for work and with even HR staff feeling the pinch of budget shortfalls, your job search situation can easily snowball out of control, leaving you swamped in applicants but without adequate time to give each resume your full attention.

At times like this it is even more important than ever to partner with your Recruitment Advertising partner. We can sift through your resumes, finding the applicants that match your specifications. On the more active side of the equation, we can seek out great applicants who might have missed your posting but are searching for work nonetheless.

The upcoming year will present organizations with many challenges, not all of them at the HR level. But for your neck of the woods, shouldn't you work with a partner with years of experience that include the good times and the bad?

Shouldn't you partner with The David Group?

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